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When we think about heroes of life, then always a rosy picture of male leaders comes at one sight. Iron man, Avengers, Spiderman, Singham, and the list goes and goes longer. How many female leaders we recognize and give value to them. If you actually want to find them, find them in your home. SHEROES – She is your sister, mother, daughter or wife. In this pandemic, women are hit most worsen among all. They work relentlessly at all times. Most of the time they do those chores which are never been counted even in work.

Unconditional form of love

  • Generally, the mother prepares food with love, take care of everyone’s health in the family, keep themselves busy in cleaning the home so that positivity may spread all the times.
  • She is busy making your favourite stuffed paratha for which she was preparing since last night.
  • She burnt her fingers several times while cooking but she never tells anyone as this is normal for her.
  • She is managing your study table, keeping your books back on the table, putting your earphones which you laid down on the bed, keeping you warm when you put your blanket aside in your sleep.
  • She hugged you when you fall asleep and do lots of kisses on your forehead.
  • She works really hard to make your life better every day. She wants to do everything that makes you happy.
  • She cuddles you when you get annoyed.
  • She wants to know your little secrets which you don’t want to share with her.
  • Sometimes she tries to check your phone to know your tiny secrets and you get annoyed but she loves you.

Don’t you think she is the real hero of our life? Shouldn’t we do something special for her every day to make her feel very special? Why it is to be expressed only on Mother’s day or on her birthday? Why not every day?
Let’s see how can you make her feel special in your own way.

Your little efforts yet powerful

1. Always appreciate her food when she serves you. It is all her love for your health that is on your plate.

2. Offer her at least one bite with your hands showing your love for her.

3. Do hair massage for her, trust me she will love it.

4. Ask her about her any health issues which she is facing but habitual not to tell anyone.

5. Make a cup of tea or coffee in your special way and share it with her every day.

6. Tell her frequently “I love you, Maa. You are so special to me.”

7. Join her frequently when she is in pooja ghar doing her rituals. Believe me, she will be delighted.

8. Talk to her about your friends, classes, and other important things, that make her feel important.

9. Give her own day in a week when she is not allowed to go to the kitchen and you make your special dishes for her. But do not miss cleaning the kitchen mess 🙂

10. Inspire her to follow her hobby, any interests, her passion, and make sure she should get some time for that.

Respect her, love her, cuddle her, after all, she is the one who leads you in achieving your dreams. She is supporting you at every tiny step you take. I hope you are already doing this, if not then start taking tiny steps to express your deep love for your sheroes.

“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary — it’s an act of infinite optimism”. – Gilda Radner

Lots of blessings for all the mothers. Cheers to the Sheroes of our family!!
Spread the words of love to your near and dear ones.

With love,
Shining Mantra❤️

By Zen

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  1. the way you have spoken through these simple yet effective words, I am really grateful for your posts. You are spreading so much of love and positivity in so many lives. Lots of love to you dee 🥰🤩

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