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The foundation of a healthy and strong relationship is faith and love, without these one cannot nurture the beautiful and strong relationship with your partner. Promises are the beautiful ways of commitment towards a loving life. This is equally important for both males and females to get committed to keep their promises. Here are the ten beautiful ways to travel the journey of love in a relationship. Lets get started:

1. Fall in love again and again with you

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I promise you that I shall fall in love with you again and again. I will find a new reason every day to fall in love with you. I shall always hold your hand and never let you go.

2. Make you feel so special

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I promise that You will always be special for me. I shall let you know how our souls connect with our hearts with each passing day. I shall write poems for you until you will say, ” I am gonna mad if you write one more”.

3. Respect your freedom

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I promise that I shall always respect your privacy and self esteem. I shall never interfere in the grey matters that hurt both of us. Your freedom will never get curb in the emotions.

4. Share my time with you

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I promise that I shall always share moments with you. I shall never ignore you when other important things simultaneously need my attention. I shall keep a balance in all situations so that external things never hurt our relationship.

5. Adjustments without bitterness

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I promise that I shall never hold any resentment or bitterness after having agreeing on some adjustments. I shall try to find a solution for all conflicts if happens in the future. You will be never forced to do compromise alone in the future. I shall also do that for the sake of our relationship.

6. Forget the past

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I promise that our past will never come in the way of our future. I shall never judge you for the mistakes you have done in the past. I shall never hurt you and we shall discuss the boundaries so that both of us never get hurt. You are my only present and future too.

7. One step more for your loved ones

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I promise you that I shall take one step ahead to be a part of your family irrespective of the differences we have. I shall genuinely try to be loved like you get.

8. Never get bored

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I promise you that I shall never get bored with your unlimited talks irrespective of the fact that you already told me 5-6 times before. I shall gently remind you what happens next as you already told me the story before. But I shall always adore you as I love the way you talk.

9. Be my best friend

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I promise you that you will be my bestie forever. We shall open to all discussions and accept criticism for our betterment. We shall try to improve day by day for our blessed relationship. I shall make you laugh even at bad situations whenever you will feel low.

10. Not to please others

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I promise you that I shall never force you to please others in our relationship. You will be free to take your stand and take decisions. I shall always respect your dignity. My love for you will never depend on anyone’s approval.

Live your dreams, keep your promises and fly through the beautiful journey of love.

Share the words with your loved ones!! Hope you get the best from your life.

With love,

Shining Mantra

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2 thoughts on “Ten promises to express your love to your partner for a strong relationship”
  1. Amazing….
    I guess if all couples follow these by Heart…. Problems will never ever occur in relationship.
    1,3,6,9 and 10
    My Favourite ones….

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