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1. Don’t study too much at one go

Since every student is rushing towards studying a lot of material, every chapter and trying very hard to finish the course. I suggest you slow down a little bit. Don’t burn yourself excessively. Take small breaks frequently. Switch on light music, with some essential oil aroma in your room. It will instantly enhance your mood. You are good to go now!

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2. Utilize the POMODORO Technique

Set up your small goals for revision. Take a session for no more than 25 minutes. After that, you need to take a break compulsorily. You can go for a small walk or do a little stretching of your neck, back, legs, and hands. But don’t use that break for planning, please. Remember, it is a break from work. Don’t think of anything else. Just relax!

3. Don’t look back

This tip will help you to save your time and go ahead. Many people have a tendency to revise again and again the things that they have already revised. First of all, do one full revision of the course; only then are you allowed to go back. Don’t doubt yourself, whatever you have done so far. Even though you are not a regular learner, keep going with the flow. That’s the trick you need to tell your mind. So just chill, don’t look back!

4. Believe yourself

The majority of the students don’t believe in themselves, at least during the exam days. If you have specified the smallest goals for your course for revision, until then you are moving in the right direction. Without goals, there will be a lot of unnecessary stress that will make you vulnerable and will bring down your usual performance. So, believe in yourself. Plan properly and revise in shorter time slots. You are doing well!

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5. Minimum of 7 hours of sleep

It is an old saying that 8 hours of sleep is necessary to keep our minds calm and relaxed. Though students are seated day and night, gradually, whatever you learn, it will not stay there if you are depriving yourself of your sleep cycle. It makes no difference whether you are studying all day or all night. Get your 7 hours of sleep, otherwise you will invite several mental health problems. It’s an absolute must, kid!

6. Do some stretching exercises.

Sounds familiar. Ahaa. But, yes, it is quite helpful. Long sitting will severely harm your back and neck. As most of you might be experiencing right now, don’t wait for the alarming bells, just do some stretching exercises, even for 5 minutes. That works to calm your brain, nerves, and body. So, if next time your parents suggest you do some physical exercise or stretching, don’t avoid their suggestions. They are your best gurus!

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7. Deep breathing for few minutes

If you feel some burning sensation in your head, anxiety, or any discomfort, start deep breathing. It really works like a wonder. You will instantly feel calm in your body. If you are not habitually doing meditation, then this will be the best remedy for you. It will improve the blood flow to your brain. Try using this right now!

Achieving targets is important, but not at the cost of your mental health issues. Be calm, be strong, have faith in God, and just believe in yourself. Everything will be good.

If you find this article helpful, do share it with your near and dear ones. After all, sharing is caring. I hope it will help someone!

All the best for exams!!

Crafted with love 😊

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