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Before you read further, I have some questions for you. I hope you will give honest answers. It will decide whether this blog will be helpful for you or not.

  • Do you feel overburdened with your work?
  • Do you often feel stressed?
  • Do your plans fail frequently?
  • Do you feel helpless many of the times?
  • Do you really want a change in your daily habits?

If your answer is no, then a big applause for you. But if your answer is Yes, then after reading the habits you will realise your positive energy to start the things again.Many of the times you might have seen people to share their experiences to start your day and sometimes it worked too but all of us have different situations and circumstances which made our life a bit different from others but life mechanism are still same. Here I am proposing you only 3 habits which will make you successful in life. Remember habits cannot be changed in a single day, it takes time to develop. So don’t worry you will able to develop them gradually. Now you need to rewind the day where you are doing mistakes. So let see and rewind the day.

1. Sleep at 9:30 p.m.

Yes, you have seen it correctly. We are in habit to sleep late at night and when the appropriate time actually come after so much doodling on social media, our head is almost full of garbage we recently seen on mobile phones. Then your sleep is deprived of relaxation and all those thoughts which your smart phones forced your brain to rewind again, as a result your half of sleep get destroyed. What happens next when you sleep late at night. Let’s see

  • After two hours of efforts your mind will relax
  • You cannot wake up early, it would be impossible
  • Your deadlines to work keep on postponed
  • You will curse your day
  • You will feel more sleepy even during the day
  • You know better your condition as you already experienced it everyday.

Moral of the story: Sleep early in night as early as you can

It will give your brain more time to relax and help you to give up all the worries which you cannot control. Start doing this and trust me you will thank me later.

2. Keep away all the gadgets before 2 hours of sleep time

I know it is the hardest thing. And ofcourse you might be thinking what I am talking about. It is impossible as you might have important stuff to check on mails, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram , blaw- blaw-blaw. But give me one answer honestly. Are they really so so important to keep your fingers to swipe and switch on apps till the time you actually sleep on bed. You got your answer.

✓You will realise that these can be checked next day.

✓Do once you will realise its power.

✓If you try to keep all your gadgets away from you 2 hours before going to sleep, it will give you so much relaxation that your body and mind actually need.

✓ Give some time to your brain to relax and calm, only then your body will prepare to relax and sleep.

Moral of the story: Don’t be stick to gadgets like a drug addict.

3. Wake up at 5:30 a.m.

I have reversed the day to see where most of the people are wrong. So if you got wake up at 5:30 in the morning then nothing will be impossible for you. Why I have proposed you this habit in the last because to wake up early you need to learn sleep early. There is no alarm in the world which can wake you up early if you are not able to sleep even at 1’o clock at night. So this is the real power which can drive your life on the super wheels of time management. See what you can do now

  • You will have full control on your day
  • Make to-do lists for the day
  • Till 10’o clock your 2-3 hard tasks will be accomplished
  • Take time to do exercise, meditation or just go for a walk
  • Remember your belief in God

Moral of the story: Don’t see your social media till 3 hours of wake up.  Till 10:30 a.m. you will have 5 hours of productive work.

There is no magic lies with successful people. They just have different life skills which change their way of thinking about the problem. They have same body and mind like we have. It is just the matter of life skills. Don’t give up if you can’t make the habits in one go. It takes time to develop. The most important thing is give a chance to yourself to correct them and gradually you will able to adapt them. Just keep going to make the life even better every passing day.

These are the real tips, a practical ones which will change your life forever. I tried to knock your heart and mind to shake your conscience to change your approach for life. I hope you would follow these three habits which will give you power to achieve anything in your life and make you successful.

I would love to hear your experiences and your ideas to improve the day. Also please tell in comment box if you like these super habits.

Share this blog to your friends, family and peer groups. I hope this little effort could bring change in someone’s life. 

With love,
Shining Mantra❤️

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